Cook like your lovely mother

Paymon Raouf 02/06/23

“Revisit cherished memories and the flavors of home with Spice Bazaar’s authentic Middle Eastern and Greek recipes and spice blends! Specially crafted for second-generation Middle Easterners and Greeks residing away from their motherland. Our recipes and hand-crafted spice blends make it simple to recreate beloved dishes from your childhood. Our… Read More

Understanding the difference between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spices and how to use them in your cooking.

Paymon Raouf 01/29/23
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When it comes to cooking, spices play a vital role in elevating the flavors of your dishes. Among the many different types of spices available, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spices are some of the most popular and widely used in the world. However, many people often confuse these two types… Read More

The benefit of Mediterranean diet and cooking

Paymon Raouf 01/28/23
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Mediterranean cooking is a style of cooking that is enjoyed by many people around the world. It is a fusion of flavors and ingredients that come from countries such as Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco. Mediterranean cuisine is known for its healthy and delicious dishes that are easy to prepare…. Read More

History of Dolmades

Paymon Raouf 01/17/23

Stuffed grape leaves, also known as dolmades, have a long history dating back to ancient Greece and the Middle East. The dish is made by filling grape leaves with a mixture of rice, herbs, and sometimes meat or other ingredients, then rolling them up and cooking them. The exact origins… Read More

History of Shawarma

Paymon Raouf 01/17/23

Shawarma or Doner Kabob is a Middle Eastern dish that consists of meat, typically lamb, chicken, or beef, that is cooked on a spit and shaved off as it turns. The meat is typically marinated in a mixture of spices, and then cooked slowly on a spit. It is often… Read More