“Spice Bazaar offers over 180 recipes, including 110 vegetarian and vegan options, all enhanced by our unique blends. Our cookbook, written by Mary, includes easy instructions for everyday meals and special occasions. Our owner, Paymon, has been serving high quality Mediterranean cuisine in his award-winning Las Vegas restaurants since 1988 and voted “Best of Las Vegas” 30 times and now shares his secrets for delicious home cooking with Spice Bazaar.”


Spice Bazaar Cookbook contains wonderful blends that enhance cuisines that span the globe. The success story of the Spice Bazaar Cookbook goes beyond the borders of this great nation we live in. Restaurants around the world use this cookbook and spice blends as the benchmark for preparing delicious authentic Mediterranean Cuisines.

It’s time now to take a tour with the Spice Bazaar cookbook from the “Greek Islands” to the “Holy Land”, from “Morocco to India” and to the “Crossroads of the World”. You will experience the great pleasure of sharing the “Feast of the Gods”. Enter into the exciting and satisfying adventure of SPICE BAZAAR cooking.

The Spice Bazaar is the leader of single spice and spice blending of Mediterranean and global spice trade. With premium quality and hand selected products. These products are backed by nearly 35 years of experience to bring you the finest spice in the world.

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