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Persian Meat Rub (Koobideh) 1
Persian Meat Rub (Koobideh)Persian Meat Rub (Koobideh)Persian Meat Rub (Koobideh)Persian Meat Rub (Koobideh)

Persian Meat Rub (Koobideh)



Salt, Herbs (Parsley, Sumac, Tarragon, Persian Saffron) Onion, Black Pepper and other spices.


Flavor Profile

Fragrant and full of flavor.  All the wishes of a Persian chef.  Parsley, Tarragon and the richest spice in the world- saffron, take Persian meat rub over the top.  The inclusion of sumac in this rub adds a pleasant reddish-purple hew and a cleansing lemon flavor.

Popular Uses

Preparing the classic Koobideh of ground beef or ground lamb; grilling it over hot wood coals or cooking it on a well-seasoned flat black stone, never has been easier than when using or Persian Meat Rub.  Simply add it to the ground meat and prepare it as you wish.  Nontraditional enthusiasts may enjoy it on chicken or ground turkey.  The inclusion of Saffron in this rub lends itself beautifully in rice or cous cous dishes.

Additional Information

Weight lbs
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Small Jar – 2.4 oz, Family Size Jar – 6.8 oz, Chef Size Container – 19 oz, Large Container – 6 lb, Refill Bag – 3 lb, Bulk – 25 lb, Bulk – 50 lb