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Garden Blend w-Salt



Kosher Salt, Onion Minced, Garlic Minced Standard, Parsley Flakes, Tomato Minced, Bell Pepper Minced, Basil Cut, Thyme Whole, Dill Weed, Mustard Seed whole, Silicon Dioxide, Carrot Granulated and other spices.

Flavor Profile

With its six different vegetables and eloquently blended herbs and spices, Garden Blend seasoning, offers savory nuances and sweet overtones, with sea salt harmonizing the marriage.

Popular Uses

Garden Blend is perfect when added to sauces, soups, and slow roasted meats; such as, poultry, pork, and fish.  Slow roasted Garden Blend vegetables are a decadent treat.  Garden Blends coarse texture, is the perfect accompaniment when used in olive oil to dip warm, crusty bread into.  Be sure to temp your taste buds with our recipe for Garden Chimmichurri Sauce featuring this flavorful seasoning.

Additional Information

Weight lbs
Dimensions N/A

Small Jar – 2 oz, Family Size Jar – 5.6 oz, Chef Size Container – 15 oz, Large Container – 4.5 lb, Refill Bag – 3 lb, Bulk – 25 lb, Bulk – 50 lb

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